It's time to get creative. You will kill two birds with one stone when you ensure that your storage is both practical and decorative, enhancing your home in every possible way, and that's exactly where Trunks come in.

All homes feature a variety of accessories, linens and toys which need to be tidied away but that doesn't mean that they have to be squeezed into your cupboards. Your cupboard space is probably already at a premium and so a trunk would be an excellent addition to any room. Providing plenty of storage space whilst adding interest and texture to your interior, trunks are the stylish and versatile choice.

At Time and Tide, we have created a wonderful collection of trunks featuring a variety of wooden styles. Ideal for creating a contemporary rustic look for your home, the trunks are right on trend. You will be amazed at just how much you can store in these useful furnishings and they can double as extra seating into the bargain.

Ideal for any room in the house, our attractive trunks should not be missed. Will you choose a trunk for yourself or as a gift for family and friends?

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