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Beaumont Beaumont
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This is a stunning, subtle abstract piece evoking the feeling of glamour and luxury. Hand painted by Ksenia Sizaya the gold accent at the foreground of the image is slightly raised adding interest and detail. The calming nature of this warm toned piece means that it would look stunning in a bedroom or living room. Artist: Ksenia Sizaya Dimensions: H:107cm W:107cm D:5cm Orientation: Portrait
Mojave Mojave
3 in stock
Mojave is a breathtaking contemporary piece, evoking images of sand dunes and stormy skies. The stunning vivid pink and red tones, darker in the centre and foreground gradually fade to warming cream and sand which are complimented beautifully by the champagne frame. Display on its own for an eye-catching display in a hallway or perhaps above a mantel piece. Artist: Patrick St. Germain Dimensions:…
Spring Horizon - Oil Painting Spring Horizon - Oil Painting
1 in stock
Spring Horizon is a beautiful abstract print featuring thick vertical stokes of oil on canvas. Soft hues of blue and white deepen to teal before bursting into the burnt orange tone of the horizon. Bring life and colour to your home for the new season! Dimensions: H:112cm L:102cm Orientation: Portrait
New Americana New Americana
3 in stock
A stunning original piece, New Americana is a wonderful way to add a little excitement to your walls! The hypnotic swirling grey tones at the centre of the piece are offset beatifully by the vibrant gold and ochre colours that surround the image. The stand out feature of this painting are the gold accents that pick up the light adding texture and depth. This would look stunning in a contemporary s…
Bronze Rust Bronze Rust
5 in stock
An eye-catching print that adds originality and depth to a space. The metallic highlights beautifully reflect the light while the warm bronze tones really draw your eye into the piece creating a wonderful sense of depth. This piece is especially stunning when displayed near a window or when spotlighted to really let the piece shine (literally). Dimensions: H:120cm W:90cm Orientation: Portrait
Alpine Alpine
2 in stock
This is a wonderfully striking abstract painting that would suit industrial and contemporary spaces. Your eye is initially drawn to the bright yellow at the centre of the piece  however it is the swirling grey and blue tones of the background that really hold the viewers attention which in turn is compliemted by the floating black frame. An excellent focal feature for your home, this piece is hand…
Devon II Devon II
1 in stock
A high impact abstract piece! Devon II is a striking image that uses dramatic contrasting colour and texture to create a very eye-catching piece of art. The floating black frame adds to the overall urban design. Display on a white wall in an entranceway or dining room for maximum impact. Artist: Ksenia Sizaya Dimensions: H76cm W:91cm 3:cm Orientation: Landscape
Metropolis Metropolis
2 in stock
A beautiful eye-catching modern piece of art. A vivid piece this would look beautiful when displayed on a white wall to really accentuate the strong blue tones. alternatively on a brick wall would really amp up the contrast and make the piece shine. Absract brush strokes gives movement and texture, almost as if you can see the city skyline emerging from the clouds. Dimensions: H96cm W:96cm D:4cm O…
Perfect Storm Perfect Storm
12 in stock
Perfect Storm will command attention no matter where it is placed! This abstract image makes use of gorgeous blue and turquoise hues, contrasted by stunning gold accents which catches the light beautifully. Artist: Patrick St. Germain Dimensions: H:76cm W:152.5cm D:3.8 cm Orientation: Landscape
Sunset Sunset
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A beautiful abstract paiting that would look stunning an a contemporary setting as well as in a more traditionally designed space. The calming blue and grey tones are complimented wonderfully by the pink and purple hues of the horizon line. A serene picture that would look beautiful in a bedroom or living room. Artist: Ksenia Sizaya Dimensions approx: L:76.2cm H:101cm D:4cm   Orientation: Portrait…
Bleak Low Bleak Low
1 in stock
A beautiful landscape piece that evokes the feelining of the Scottish Highlands, let the subtle tones take you to a tranquil, peaceful place. The blue and grey of the foreground are offset by the warm ochre of the middle ground adding depth to the piece. An abstract painting that would be suitable for a more traditionally designed home as well as a contemporary space  is unusual, but Bleak Low wit…
Evening Glow Evening Glow
1 in stock
Evoking the feeling of warm summer evenings, this is the perfect piece of art to bring in the new season. A stunning linear piece with soft brushstrokes and soothing tones this is a more understated but no less impressive abstract painting. The gold highlights on the horizon draw your eye into the picture where the light is beautifully reflected. A truly stunning piece of art. Display in a bedroom…


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