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Without a doubt, our most loved product this year, our coloured Sven 'Elfs', known also as nisse(Danish and Norwegian) or tomte (Swedish), are mythological creatures from Nordic folklore, which have become associated today with the Winter Solstice and the Christmas Season.

Small figures of approx 45cms, and finished in three colourways, Svens are finished with signature white beards and conical hats with long legs, ideal sitting on shelves or surfaces.

The tomte is one of the most recognisable creatures of Scandi folklore, appearing in numerous works of popular literature. According to tradition, they live in the houses and barns of farmstead and act as guardians of the dwelling.If treated well, they protect the family from evil and misfortune.

Dimensions approx. 8 x 40 cms

Avalable in Green, Beige and Grey

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