Home Fragrance

Your home deserves to smell beautiful and inviting - Home fragrance can create the perfect ambiance, lifting your spirits, relaxing you or creating a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors. At Time and Tide we are delighted to showcase a wonderful range of candles, diffusers and sprays which will truly distinguish your home.

Fragranced Candles

No home is complete without wonderful scented candles, especially after dark. With their appealing flickering light, candles create a pleasing ambiance and you can choose a fabulous fragrance to reflect your mood. We offer calming, uplifting and invigorating aromas that offer plenty to please. Whether you prefer fruity notes, relaxing woods, uplifting citrus or relaxing herbs, our range features the perfect choices.


Inspired by the brilliance of Caroline Hardy, Illumens candles are a true delight. Beautifully designed and boasting fabulous fragrances, Illumens scented candles are all handmade in Suffolk from the finest ingredients. Each piece is stylish, high performing and long lasting, bringing a touch of panache to your home.

Plum and Ashby

With their unique scents and elegant, contemporary design, Plum and Ashby candles are in a class of their own. Hand-poured in the UK and fashioned from high quality ingredients, these scented candles fill your room with wonderful fragrance.

Vineyard Candles

Lovingly made by Cornish artisans, Vineyard candles are created from re-purposed wine and beer bottles. The natural, hand-poured wax is spiced with cool drink inspired fragrances to create highly original candles with an indulgent feel.

Time and Tide

Our own stunning range of jar and votive scented candles has a fresh feel and contemporary look. Our wonderful candles are hand made in the UK from luxurious ingredients and offer original fragrance blends to savour.

Reed Diffusers

If you can't leave a candle burning then you can still enjoy entrancing home fragrance with our exceptional reed diffusers. Our reed diffusers deliver long lasting fragrance safely with their wonderful essential oils. We have chosen an enticing selection of diffusers from the outstanding Illumens range and showcase our own Time and Tide diffusers that are made by hand here in the UK.

Room Sprays

When your room needs an immediate burst of fragrance to freshen it or to disguise nasty niffs then our room sprays are the perfect choice. You can enjoy the uplifting aromas of Black Rose and Frankincense, Grapefruit and Cedar or Italian Garden from the luxurious Time and Tide collection.

Your home will be transformed by our luxurious and elegant home fragrance choices. Our wonderful scented candles, diffusers and room sprays are also discerning gifts for any occasion.

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