Micro LED 100 Dense Battery String Lights

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Micro LED 100 Dense Battery String Lights

LED Lights are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your home this Christmas. Incredibly versatile, the lights can be woven through lanterns or around mantel pieces and mirrors for a lovely effect. Why not entwine through foliage and Christmas greenery for a magical woodland display.

Seasonal Lighting

In winter and throughout the festive season, the need to bring warmth and light into the home never wavers. Candlelight has long been a symbol of enlightenment in cultures, often present in religious temples and altars the world over. In fact, before electricity, Christmas trees were often adorned with candles representing the spiritual light that emerges from the darkness.

Electricity has replaced the use of candles on trees and often, around the home in general, however the sentiment remains the same. Creating a warm and welcoming glow in your home has never been easier with our range of string and statement lighting pieces.  

Working hours: 30

Functions: Steady

LED colour: Warm white

Number of bulbs: 100

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