Rhinestone Christmas Tree Hanger: Silver

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Add some sparkle to your tree this year with this dazzling rhinestone Christmas tree, hang from the organza thread and admire it twinkling amongst the branches.

First Frost

Blankets of glittering frost speckled upon narrow streets, fires roaring in the hearth - the welcome signs of Christmas.Theres a crackle in Winter - the snap of twigs underfoot, boots crunching on crisp ground and fallen snow. Stepping out into the rush of cool air, invigorating and fresh, bringing a stain of pink upon the cheeks.

We all know Winter. The familiar softness of well worn jumpers, puffs of cinnamon and clove in the air, the magical glow of village window lights as darkness falls. Returning home, fingers numb with frost, flakes of snow melting on wool draped shoulders as you take the first steps inside, sealing out the cold air with the firm push of a door. The old familiar rituals - ridding yourself of outside clothing, tiptoeing through the home, the comforting click of the kettle, the striking of a match and the hiss of the wick as the fire ignites.


Dimensions: W:6.5cm H:10cm

Colour: Silver

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