Bronte Cushions

At Time and Tide we have hand-picked a gorgeous collection of home accessories for you to choose from. We know that you will appreciate the fabulous quality, unique style and heritage values of the pieces that we have included and the wonderful Bronte cushions that you will find here are the perfect example of that commitment.

The Wonder of Wool

Bronte cushions are beautifully crafted from pure Shetland wool and Merino lamb's wool. Bringing amazing colour and texture to your interior, the cushions are certainly the stylish choice but they also offer less obvious benefits. Wool is a resilient, sustainable and recyclable textile so in addition to looking wonderful and feeling fabulous, it is also Earth friendly. Wool is naturally flame retardant, anti-bacterial and stain resistant so it is the perfect fabric to feature in any home.

Bronte by Moon Style

You will discover a diverse collection of wool cushions by Bronte here at Time and Tide and there is sure to be a wonderful style to suit your interior décor. With bold checks and appealing patterns in both bright and muted shades, there are Bronte cushions to suit all tastes.

Bronte by Moon Heritage

Established in 1837, Bronte is one of this country's few remaining vertical woollen mills. All production processes are completed on the same site where skilled staff create the finest fabrics. Raw wool is delivered to the mill from across the globe and is chosen for its luxurious quality. This is then cleaned and combed to ensure its purity.

The raw wool is dyed using a secret process that produces a unique colour palette. Over 500 shades are used in Bronte's products. The recipes for the dyes are extremely complex and result in wonderfully rich colours and textures.

The dyed wool is passed through combed rollers to create amazingly soft and smooth fibres which are wound and then placed onto the spinning machine. This draws out the wool in a precise number of twists per inch to create fine but robust threads for weaving the fabrics.

The fine fabrics are then woven using many different yarns to create the stunning patterns. The fabrics are checked vigorously for imperfections, scoured and finished before being crafted into the outstanding cushions.

An Investment in Quality

Who would have thought that there were so many processes involved in producing the best woollen accessories? Bronte by Moon cushions are an investment in quality and heritage values. They are uniquely beautiful pieces which you will always treasure and which make for impressive gifts.

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