Clever finishing touches so often make or break an interior design scheme. Indeed, it is amazing how a few strategically positioned cushions or a single throw can completely transform the look of any space. Beautiful textiles bring colour, texture and interest to your rooms whilst creating a pleasing feel and homely ambiance.

Coordinate Your Look

At Time & Tide we are delighted to showcase a stunning range of co-ordinating cushions and throws which will bring the natural beauty and texture of Shetland wool to your interiors. Whether you are looking to add interest to a contemporary space or are seeking to breathe new life into an old sofa, our fine textiles are the perfect solution.

Accent or Unify

Our textiles are a wonderful choice for introducing accent colours to neutral, contemporary rooms and furnishings. They can be also used effectively to pull together the colours and patterns in your home and to unify your furniture. You can choose from a varied colour palate which features both bold and subtle hues to find the perfect textiles to enhance the aesthetics of your home.


Cushions are the ultimate multi-taskers! Lending splashes of colour, valuable contrasts and interesting patterns to your spaces, they are always aesthetically pleasing. But they also make a house a home. Cushions are comfy and cosy and so create that all-important relaxing feel.

Our stunning 100% Shetland wool cushions feature a variety of pleasing checks and patterns which complement both contemporary and period interiors. Whether scattered randomly on the sofa, carefully positioned on your favourite chair or layered on your bed, our gorgeous wool cushions will always draw the eye.

Shop for British designs in our range of Voyage Maison cushions and Bronte cushions.


Gorgeous Shetland wool throws can be coordinated with our fine cushions or used independently. Whether neatly folded or positioned casually in the room, they provide an interesting accent or a valuable diversion! They can stand out or blend in, they can tie the elements of the room together or deliver a pleasing focal point. How you use them is up to you but every room benefits from the addition of a great throw.

The Time & Tide collection features the home accessories you need to create stylish, sophisticated and cosy rooms which will distinguish your home.

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