Atmospheric Lighting

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Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting Tips for Creating Ambience

The way a room is lit can have a significant impact on your mood and the overall atmosphere, for example, bright lighting can make you feel uplifted and energised or more dimly lit areas can make you feel cosy and calm. Lighting is one of the most important elements of interiors to create ambience, so here’s some of our favourite ways to utilise lighting to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Set the atmosphere with ceiling lights

Overhead ceiling lighting is a great way to create a lovely atmosphere within the home, offering a practical way to utilise space whilst uplifting and illuminating your room. Ceiling lighting is a great way to illuminate your home, especially if you have high ceilings or are looking to add the wow factor to your home. At Time & Tide we love to use a bold chandelier or pendant as the perfect show-stopping centrepiece for a kitchen, hallway or living space!

Ceiling Lighting

Refresh your home with floor lamps

Floor lamps are a fantastic way to light a room and can help to set the overall ambience, illuminating dark corners or accentuating a particular area of feature in the home. To liven up your living room, try adding a pair of matching floor lamps to either side of your sofa establishing a sense of balance whilst creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Or to set the perfect ambience for eating and socialising, why not add a floor lamp to your dining room to create a relaxed environment.

Floor lamps are an extremely versatile piece to add to your home, they can be moved easily to change up the mood in different spaces or if you’re looking to refresh your décor why not try a change of shade to give your floor lamp a new lease of life and transform your room!

floor lighting

Set the tone with table lamps

Table lamps can bring your home to life creating an ambience and feeling of warmth and intimacy with their soft glow. At Time & Tide we have a great selection of carefully curated table lamps chosen specifically to enhance your home, they can create a welcoming atmosphere when displayed in a hallway, or as a statement piece on a sideboard or console adding texture and colour and providing a soft light throughout the room. 

Table Lamps

Time & Tide have a carefully selected range of unique, beautiful lighting for any home interior and space. Browse our range of table lamps, chandeliers, pendants and floor lighting here.