Creating the Perfect Cosy Corner

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Creating the Perfect Cosy Corner

Creating the Perfect Cosy Corner

As we near winter and the holidays its nice relax at the end of the day in a snug quiet spot in the home. Do you have a cosy corner in your home? A place where you can sip your tea in the evening, with a good book. A place to drink a quiet glass of wine at the end of the week. If you don’t, here’s a way to create your perfect cosy corner just for you.

green chair next to side table

A Statement Chair

To create a cosy corner, a soft comfy chair is a must. Comfort is key for creating this relaxing wind-down space in your home. Select a chair that provides support and comfort allowing you to unwind in the right way.

An arch backed chair that hugs you while you sit is a great option to go with as it will keep you up right for reading and drinking a hot cuppa while still offering enough back support for you lie back for a snooze if your eyes start to get heavy.

Comfort Cushions

Add a cushion for extra padding and comfort to absorb your weight as you sit back to rest, giving you the upmost relaxation and pressure relief. This will also add a nice touch to your décor

Depending on the colour of your chair a bright or printed cushion would add a pop of colour. You can also add different textures such as velvet of wool this way, which often come in more neutral colours.

light blue cushion with dragonfly embroidery in the centre
red throw draped over a table

Warming Throws

Stay warm by adding a throw so you can stay snug. A cosy throw is a great way to get comfy and relaxed as you unwind. Great for when you’re curling up with a good read or surfing your phone.

Throws add texture and come in an array of colours and patterns to chose from. It’s the perfect companion for burrowing into your cosy corner and is a versatile piece for your home that can be used for years to come in multiple settings.

Handy Side Tables

Place a handy side table next to you for resting your favourite mug filled with a warming drink and some well-deserved snacks. Useful for putting down a book or tablet if you find yourself getting tired and you’d like to take a nap.

A side table is a practical item to have around the home, particularly a nest of tables look stylish and purposeful. Available in a range of materials and designs from woven rattan to metal, marble and glass - perfect for creating your cosy corner.

pair of gold side tables with mirrored teardrop design
lit wire drum floor lamp

Ambient Lighting

Having the correct lighting for your cosy corner is essential. The right lighting can set the mood and create a calming atmosphere that isn’t overbearingly bright but enough so you can read and relax with ease.

A nice warm lit floor lamp can work wonders and you can easily move it closer or further away for the right intensity and balance of light. Or place a lamp on your side table for a similar toned lighting effect.