Autumn 2021 Interior Trends

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Autumn 2021 Interior Trends

Autumn Interior Design

This new season brings natural colours and materials to our homes, with styles that put leisure at the forefront. Continuing on from summer, chic and sophisticated style will remain this fall, yet as a more simplistic relaxed version. At Time & Tide we’ve collated a list of the most interesting interior trends for Autumn 2021.

Japandi Furniture

Japandi style combines Scandinavian and Japanese simplicity. Taking inspiration from Zen Buddhism and mixing it with Scandi minimalism, spiced up with unique interior accessories and statement plants. It creates a sophisticated and clean look to any décor, with only a few ornaments, furniture in neutral muted tones and lots of natural light. This style transforms spaces creating lighter areas and spaciousness to evoke the feeling of relaxation.

The colour palette for this trend focuses on warm, subdued hues with lush natural elements such as tall indoor plants to add texture and a touch of colour. This blend of natural tones creates a beautiful tranquil space and ensures that no one component overpowers the room. Plenty of natural light and potted plants is a main feature of Japandi inspired interior. As for furniture and accessories sleek silhouettes and sharp crisp lines bring this style together. These harmonious designs are minimal with one overall tone for accessories and geometric patterns on larger furniture. Again, neutral tones and wood are prominent throughout, to give your interior a clean modern appearance.

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Natural Interiors

This autumn we put the cool tones behind us and welcome in shades inspired by nature. Moving back up the colour spectrum this season, it’s all about green and its many lush hues. From emerald to mint through to sage and pine. At the same time, other natural colours will feature prominently in interior trends such as brown tones like papaya on the lighter spectrum to deeper rust and browns. These colour inspirations come from plants, trees and flowers, moved by their natural beauty this interior trend brings the outdoors in. Similar to Biophilic Interior Design, incorporating nature into indoor environments has a calming effect that can help improve our wellbeing.

This style really steps into the wild and showcases exotic charm. In contrast with the Japandi style, we see vibrant jungle patterns, rich greens and animal print accessories. Surround oneself in nature and natural themes to feel a connection with the outside world while staying in your home. Bright cushions and patterned decoration combined with green accent furniture and walls are all the rage with this style.

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Gold Home Accessories

Among the top decorative trends this season, glimmers of the gold are one that could not be missed. Giving off the essence of elegance, gold accents add chic radiance to any interior. The sophisticated glamour elevates coffee tables, dresses up casual chairs and enhances lighting to create a beautiful balanced ensemble in your home. Adding a touch of gold to your current interior is an easy way to freshen up any space.

Metallics are timeless and will continue to be a popular within home décor. It’s the trend that just won't quit, which is fine with us as it’s a Time & Tide favourite. This Autumn, try including some gold, brass, or copper accents into your home for a luxurious yet not over the top look. Compliment your current furniture and home interior by adding hints of gold throughout with decorative pieces. Lighting, clocks, and paintings are great ways to enhance a room and add personality to the place. These simple yet impactful changes can truly transform the home, creating a new depth and atmosphere to your space.

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Earthy Interiors

Another colour trend that’s in full swing this Autumn are incorporating warm rich earth tones. Wave goodbye to the cool blue shades that have been on-trend for several years. Hues of chocolate and earthy browns, deep maroon and cozy reds, olive green and mustard are all the chat this season. These tones can be seen throughout the other trends especially within Japandi and nature inspired interior.

Consider adding warm deep tones to upholstery and furniture and lighter greens and yellows to scatter cushions and throws to add contrast and depth. This will give your interior a chic, retro and contemporary flair. Earth tones are greatly versatile and will work with everything in the room, keeping your interior modern and buildable throughout the years. A nice way to add brown into your home is through wooden furniture. Reclaimed wood is great way to add dimension and personality to your interiors, stripped back wood can create a unique and comfortable homely feeling while remaining eco-friendly and in style. Wood is easy to work with and compliments both traditional and modern settings.

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